Term 3 Integrated Learning

The Yellow eyed mullet
By Vanessa and Kendell
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How big is a fully grown yellow eyed mullet?
They regularly grow to 25 centimetres. The greatest recorded size is 50  centimetres length and 950 grams weight.

What type of environment does the yellow eyed mullet live in?
It is found around New Zealand, The Chatham Islands and in Southern Australia. In New Zealand it is also known as the Spat or a Herring. They are also often called the Sand Mullet.

What is the life span of a yellow eyed mullet?
They may live up to 7 years and are fully grown after 2-4 years. Females grow faster and get larger than males. They reproduce in coastal waters during summer and autumn.

Is the yellow eyed mullet a saltwater fish or a freshwater fish?
They rarely enter freshwater so they must be saltwater fish. They can be found in estuaries, often shoaling near the surface. Their common habitats are the soft bottom sub-tidal.

What is the yellow eyed mullet Maori name ?
It’s Maori name is Aua. Their scientific name is Aldrichetta Forsteri. They have some other Maori names as well like: Kaataha, Kataka and Makawhiti.

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