Don't let the Pigeon drive the bus.

WALT: Persuade the reader to agree with my opinion.
Why should the Pigeon not drive the bus?
I think the pigeon shouldn't drive the bus because It's a bird and birds aren't made to drive the bus. Pigeons poop everywhere so it would make a big mess.

-Firstly: the Pigeon doesn't have it's license to drive the bus, otherwise it would crash and it would get hurt.
Secondly: it has wings not hands so it would crash and get hurt.
Thirdly: The Pigeon is really small so it might not be able to look out the window.

Pigeons surely have dreams also, not just humans. I think someone should give the Pigeon a chance. But again they would crash if they tried to drive a human bus. The Pigeons biggest dreams is to drive the bus.  If he could just ride one, just one bus, It might make his life happy and worthwhile. Even if it crashed there are still lots of buses left in the world, and probably not that many really happy Pigeons!

In conclusion I think that Pigeons shouldn't drive buses. What if you saw a Pigeon in the drivers seat trying to drive the bus. What would your expression be? How would you feel? Would you tell other people or scream?!

By Vanessa.

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