A Hammock and a garden

WALT: To Persuade the school to agree with our design.
We would like a Hammock and a Garden together in 20 years time. The Hammock could have a cover in case it rains. The cover will be put on at 3:00 and taken of at 8:30. The students for good behaviour  They can go on it to read and do their work, but they still have to respect it and show the CARE values. We chose this idea, because if someone comes to visit, we can put a display of the vegetables on the Hammock.

We would like some certain Vegetables in our garden:

1. Carrots
2. Lettuce
3. Peas
4. Pumpkin
 5. Tomatoes
6. Broccoli

and last but not least: Cauliflower.
Now some flowers we would like are:
2. Tulips
3. Roses
4. Daffodils
As you can see,  we have put alot of time and effort into our design. Thank you. By Vanessa & Kendell.
Ps. The garden will be behind Rm 12 and 13.

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