Yr 5 Camp Woodend writing

WALT: Describe our feelings about camp.
S.C: The reader will enjoy reading our description. 18.11.16

On Tuesday the 15th of November, the Year 5’s went to Woodend Christian Camp. I felt really happy, excited and nervous about coming. I was excited to try the water slide, happy about sharing a bunk with Kendell and nervous about trying the Go Karts. When we had free time I went on the Water slide. It was super fast! I was versing Holly and I won. After that I went on the Maypole. I went really high. My hands really hurt from holding on. Activity rotation no.1: Archery and Air Rifles. When it was my turn on the first one it landed on the grass, the second one I got on the back. The last one I got was on the blue! Then we went over to shooting. I didn’t get one of the targets but Kendell got a duck. Activity rotation no. 2: Orienteering. We had to find these wood things with yellow on it that had a letter. Holly, Kendell Lizzie (parent) and I went as a group together. We went really well because we found 13 letters out of 20. Then we had afternoon tea. We got biscuits and juice. Activity rotation no. 3: Go Karts. I was really nervous because I was first up. I went really well until I got stuck. It was fun going up this little hill. We got to hang out in our bunks until dinner. Holly, Kendell and I were stuck talking about our day. For dinner we had nachos with some veggies and dip. For dessert we had Brownies and ice-cream. I’ve never had brownies before so when I tried them it was AMAZING! After dinner we had a Camp Gospel Programme where we talked about God and Jesus. We Had circle time after the programme, we nominated people and got lollies. I got a Milkshake from Archery. Then we had Supper. I had Hot Chocolate and some cookies and baking. We went of to our bunks (Mine was bunk 5) and got changed and organised for bed. When Mrs Hall told us it was lights out I tried to get to sleep but, there was a lot of giggling and chatting. Also  Kendell was slapping me in the foot. After a long talk I finally went to a deep sleep.

The next day…
I woke up at 6:00. The others in my bunk room woke up too. We had a quick shower and got dressed. At Breakfast, I had 3 or 4 pieces of toast. I had Raspberry Jam and Vegemite on toast. Activity Rotation no. 4: Climbing wall. I went on the first one and I made it up the top. I also made it up the top on the second one. I wanted to go on the third one but there wasn’t enough time.
Activity Rotation no. 5: Team Building. We spent a lot of time talking about communication, trust and teamwork. The first Activity was holding hands and moving around without letting go. On the first go we got 34 seconds. Second go was 29 seconds. Third go was 28 I think. Fourth go was 18. Last but not least: 24 I think. We came second place. The second activity was lifting people up on the bars the girls went pretty good. The third activity was getting people up on the wall. I think our group worked really well. Now I think Jack, Felix and Taylor have sore backs from letting people stand on their backs, to get people up. For lunch we had some Hamburgers. It was delicious! I had seconds. Activity group wha had to clean girls bunk rooms. I was Vacuuming. It took a long time, but we got the job done! We had some free time, the free time activities were: Gaga dodgeball, Beach Volleyball, Mini golf, Maypole, Water slide, Trampolines and Playground. My favourite was the Trampolines and the Maypole. After a while we had to go and leave Woodend. I was on bus no.2. At 3:00 we arrived at Oaklands. I had a really fun and awesome time at camp!

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