Art Attack - Koru Art

WHAT? WALT: create an artist inspired piece of artwork

So what?This week was Art Attack week. We did Koru art, inspired by Raewyn Harris. It was hard trying to pick what colours go well together. I learned how to use complementary colours so that they colours stand out. On the colour wheel complementary colours are opposite each other. I did green and purple, pink and green, orange and pink, red and green and purple and light blue. I like my shapes of the leaves and my patterns. We had to do a draft in pencil, then we did a draft in chalk and finally our good copy on A3 in chalk and coloured it in. After we coloured it in we dyed it with black dye. It was hard because the chalk kept smudging and I had to go over it again. I think it turned out pretty well and the colours match well.

Now what? I think my next step is to get the shape of the koru better.

-By Vanessa

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