A moment in time ride Term 2 writing

  A Moment in time ride.

I heard folks screaming with fear and excitement. I heard squealing from people as the ride went around and around. My ears were nearly deaf from all that noise!

I saw people shivering with horror, I saw the sun shining so bright on my face. People's faces were so pale I think that they were about to throw up!

I felt sick to my stomach. Why did I bother going on it? It goes faster and faster and faster. I could feel the vomit in the back of my mouth. I sincerely hope I don't throw up!

I wondered if I will make it out alive? It is too fast, I thought. It’s making knots in my stomach. I wanted to scream, MAKE IT STOP! But I doubt that will happen.

As I sat there in my seat, while the ride was still going round and round and round, it started to get slower. YES! I thought. Finally I can get off this ride! After a few more seconds of slowing down, it finally stopped!

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