Space Alien

WALT: Describe the attributes of an alien to hook the reader.

My space alien is a slimy green color . It has 3 eyes on stalks. The eyes are what stands out most on my space alien. It has 3 mouths. The lips are as red as blood. It has a wide and round tummy/body. My space alien is 135 centimetres tall. The round tummy has little spots which are purple. The spots are probably as big as a ladybird. My space alien is called Slimy. He’s called Slimy because of  his green, slimy and smooth skin that he has.

Slimy has round feet and small hands. My favorite part about Slimy is his shiny 3 eyes on stalks because, they are big and they stand out a lot. Slimy loves the color green, especially slimy green. He has lots of friends probably because he’s kind, thoughtful, loyal and caring. Anyone would love to be friends with him.
By Vanessa

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