WALT Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.

My Habitat is the Ocean. At the bottom of the Ocean, there are Hard rocks, Soft sand, Cool shells and Colorful coral. (in the warmer parts) The NZ Ocean is sandy, blurry and dark. The outside is Blue, and a little bit of white. The waves are bumpy, splashy and wavy.

Hectors Dolphin
The Hectors Dolphin is an Endemic animal. The Hectors Dolphin has a white stripe on its face. You can find them at Akaroa. There are less than 7,000 Hectors Dolphins left. The Hectors Dolphins are Omnivores. They are playful.

The Jellyfish stings people, when you get stung by a Jellyfish, There is a Virus in the sting and it makes your heart beat faster. The Jellyfish is Native to New Zealand.

Crabs have snippy, long, sharp claws that can snip you. You can find them at the beach. The Crabs are Introduced. The biggest one is a King crab. It has its eyes on stalks. Some crabs are different colors, Red, Orange, Whitish and dark yellow.

The Ocean is a Wonderful place, but be careful not to drop plastic bags in the Ocean otherwise that will kill the creatures in the Ocean. The Hectors Dolphin Lives in Akaroa because of the Salt water and lots of food avalible to it. The Jellyfish lives in the Ocean because it doesn't have bones to allow it to walk on land, and there is lots of food for for it there. The Crab lives at the beach because there used to the humitity and they have lots of stuff to live on the beach. It's creepy and dark in the Ocean but it is full of life.

By Vanessa.

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