WALT: Write a recount using paragraphs, a hook and a personal comment at the end.

The best day ever 11/8/15
Yum Yum what is that smell?  It is the yummy candy my friend Sam gave me.

The strawberry one is good and the raspberry one is good too.   Whenever I go to Sam’s house we always eat candy while our mums chat.  When we were there we made lots of stuff like purple bracelets, spotty headbands and Jewel rings.  I did mine purple and Sam did hers pink.

Then we had dinner we had a salad it was good.  Next we played with Sam’s Barbie dolls.I was the hairdresser and Sam was the cleaner.  Then we swapped.  Sam was the hairdresser and I was the cleaner.  Then we watched tv.
Next Sam suggested we go and read some books.  After that we did a word find. I mostly found all of them.  We did lots of pages.  Sam found lots too.  While we were doing the word find Sam said’’our mums might not come. ’’So l said ‘’yeah and if our mums are not coming we can have a sleepover yay’’Then Sam and got all crazy.

9am the doorbell rang and Sam got sad because we wanted to have a sleepover.  But Sams mum said we could have another playdate.  Hooray! Hooray! Sam started going crazy again.  Then our mums said we could play extra 5 minutes and I went Yay so we played tag with Sam’s little brother.  We screamed with laughter until our mums covered their ears. Then I had to go home.

I liked going to Sam’s house because we do lots of fun stuff together.

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