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Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

15 May 1915

Today I was horrified by the damage caused by shrapnel

exploding.  My friend got killed by shrapnel from a hand grenade

and I could not save him in time. I feel sad that he got killed.  Duffy

and I went to see where his body was but Duffy and I couldn’t find

him because there were so many bodies lined up on the beach.

I am sick of wearing dirty clothes and I don’t get the chance to have

a shower or brush my teeth with fresh water. I have to sleep on the

ground and I don’t get to sleep that much because I toss and turn

on the hard dirt. I can hear some other soldiers snoring.  I manage

to ignore it so I can get enough sleep but some of them roll over to

me when I am sleeping.

Last night at the battle front I heard grenades and woke up

suddenly.  I woke up the other soldiers and they got their guns and

shot at the Turks.  I was terrified by the noise of the grenades.  Lots

of soldiers got shot in the arms and legs.  I saved over 16 people

but some of them died so I put them on stretchers. One of them

was my old school friend.

I hope this horrible war will end so we can all go home.

By Vanessa

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